It's often said right after you're writing something for many to read, "write 1 person." I can add, "sell to one person." Know the one person you are marketing to, and just some arbitrary demographic. Your product, and you, is actually rewarded more than trust and esteem of one's audience - and, hopefully, customers.I am a believer in dietary suppl… Read More

Social Security payments are good, yet they are inadequate for virtually us. Additional income will be needed. visit the next document to cover some of the luxuries of life, but the necessities also.applying for medicare comes in when you turn 65, so I'm guessing fee of this program will be higher compared to today X 2 just in case your close yo… Read More

medicare california may be the hardest one - TOTAL, after tax, MONTHLY SPOUSE's JOB PAYCHECK (part instant?) + SPOUSE's MONTHLY pension type income (net after taxes) + YOUR MONTHLY JOB income (part times?) + OTHER MONTHLY INCOME from an Annuity, Mutual Fund, IRA, or any family member who will contribute MONTHLY income to your household - ADD UP TH… Read More